Circle DNA Terms of Service

Thank you for choosing Circle DNA Service. This Circle DNA Service Agreement (the "Agreement") is made between Beijing Circle DNA Genetic Technology Limited (Circle DNA/ We) and you.

In this Agreement, "You" refers to user, which will be more often referred as "You" in the Agreement.

1. Acceptance of Terms

Please read this carefully. If you cannot accept all of the terms and conditions, please do not proceed. You can make an enquiry and chat to a live representative on Circle official website ( or call our published customer service hotline so that we can explain to you.

By clicking this or confirming using any other ways, it means that you agree with all the terms and conditions. If we amend part of or all of the terms and conditions, we reserve the right to announce the changes on our official website. The amended Agreement will be effective upon 30 days from publishing. If you do not agree with the amended Agreement, you have the right to terminate the contract within 30 days from the date the amendments are published.

If we can reach a consensus, amendments can be made and reflected on the Agreement. If you are a person without capacity of judgement, or with limited capacity, please inform your guardian. With his/ her consent and guidance, you can read this Agreement and use our services. If you are not a user in the PRC region (the objective of this Agreement)(not including Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR or Taiwan in this regard), you also need to abide by the laws of your country or region and you also need to confirm, that establishing and executing this Agreement does not violate the laws and regulations of the country or region where you belong, reside or where you carry out business activities or other business.

2. Service Definitions

Circle login name: refers to the mobile number created for login.

Circle website: unless otherwise specified, it refers to and Circle DNA clients

Circle DNA DNA testing service: refers to the products and services provided by Circle DNA. It includes but not limited to: saliva collection kit, DNA Testing, analysis service, issuing reports, one-to-one consultation and any versions of the services mentioned and updated content.

3. Scope of Services

With our evolving or changing services, we are not obliged to inform you in advance of the updates to be made or different versions. You have the right to terminate the service without informing us, unless you request your account to be closed. For items outside the scope of services and this Agreement, we are not held accountable.

In order to use this service, internet access and facility are required.

4. Statement of Authorization

You agree to authorize below:

You agree Circle DNA and its business partners to obtain, store, process and analyse the oral swab sample derivatives and related information provided by you and give you relevant reports. After the completion of this DNA testing, if you do not agree to let Circle DNA store your DNA, you can call Circle DNA customer service hotline or send an email to customer service (see website for email address) to process your DNA sample.

You agree to allow Circle DNA to use your personal DNA data for DNA related research and the update and improvement of your report.

You agree to allow Circle DNA to collect your information by the following means: self-assessment report, system report, system function and other applications. Also, when using our services which include uploading your content to our service, using public tools and related functions cookies and relevant tracking technologies.

Unless Circle DNA has your permission or required by law, Circle DNA will never transfer sample, sample derivatives and genetic information that can be used to identify you to anyone or to any organisation. But there is a possibility that we may strip of individual-level information and share it with business partners including but not limited to scientific research institutions, drug research and development centres, medical and health organisations.

Circle DNA can contact you via the contact method you had left before for relevant message and information (includes but not limited to updated and more in-depth report due to advanced technology, research result, product information, invitation based on genetic result, etc.).

According to follow-up service and related research, Circle DNA will selectively store and process users' oral swab sample, derivatives and relevant genetic information.

With no identifiable information, Circle DNA reserves the right to analyse the full set of data of the user and uses it for commercial use.

5. Risk Reminder of this Service

If you confirm this Agreement, it means that we have made the risks clear to you and you completely understand the risks below:

You may learn information about yourself that you do not anticipate. For example, someone with your genotype may have a higher than average chance of developing a specific disease. This information may evoke strong emotions and has the potential to alter your life. These outcomes could have social, legal, or economic implications. We encourage you to talk to a genetic counsellor, a health professional with special training in genetic conditions for you to understand the result better and to determine its accuracy and relevancy. For psychological concerns about the risks concerning your risk, and the possible psychological problems or other sub-risks, you can consult earlier or do relevant testing.

With regards to the treatment of failed sample, if your DNA sample does not contain a sufficient volume of DNA, or the results from processing do not meet our standards for accuracy, we will offer to send another kit to the user to collect a second sample at no charge. If the user rejects the offer, we reserve the right to refund the user a complete refund of the amount paid to us, provided the user shall not re-submit another sample through a future purchase of the service. If you accept a second sample, please follow the instructions strictly. If the user breaches this policy agreement and resubmits another sample through a future purchase of the service and processing is not successful, Circle DNA reserves the right not to reprocess the sample or provide the user a refund. In case of unknown fraction of the data generated during the laboratory process may be un-interpretable or incorrect (referred to as "Errors"), as this possibility is known in advance, users are not entitled to refunds where these Errors occur.

Risks and diseases may not be directly related. Environmental factors, mental wellbeing or lifestyle choices that are far more important predictors. Future scientific research may change the interpretation of your DNA. In the future, the scientific community may show previous research to be incomplete or inaccurate.

Genetic Information you share with others could be used against your interests especially in your employment and for your insurance. You can consult your solicitor on this matter. Circle DNA reminds you of the protection of your genetic information. Personal genetic information can be seen as a reference or suggestion but are not a substitute for professional medical advice.

For any unauthorized use of your account, please inform Circle DNA immediately. If you do not maintain your account well, Circle cannot and will not be liable for any information leakage.

6. Privacy Policy

You agree that our staff will provide regular maintenance, management and testing of our system. For aggregate genetic information and reports, we can use them in research institutions, for publication of research articles, for improvement of clinical treatment methods, drug development, development of diagnostic monitoring equipment or with related third-party institutions. We will not disclose your individual-level genetic information to any third party unless we have your consent or required by law.

We are obliged to protect your privacy but at the same time if required by judiciary, under National law and regulations, we reserve the right to provide all or part of your personal information. Under such circumstance, Circle DNA will send a message to your mobile number registered with us to inform you (but we are not held accountable if you change your mobile number). You know that data information can spread across networks in various forms and can be adjusted for different device environments. Except for accidental cyber-attacks, Circle DNA strictly restrict network access. You know that data information can spread across networks in various forms and can be adjusted for different device environments. Except for accidental cyber-attacks, Circle DNA strictly restrict network access.

7. Terms of Use

The commercial value and scientific achievements derived from the sample provided belong solely to Circle DNA not to you.

Circle DNA services provide the public with products and services based on genetics and biological information and this data may be used to support scientific research, medical research and development, and the development of related technology products.

The results do not represent any diagnostic or medical outcomes. User is required to accept the requirements for sample collection as follows: collecting oral epithelial cell samples with the tools provided and the method as instructed. You must confirm that the saliva sample provided belongs to yourself. User who is 18 years old or above or the legal guardian of the user who is below 18 years old accepts all of the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.

Area of services: Circle provides interpretation and follow-up services to all users with genetic data globally. However, due to legal differences in various countries and regions, as well as legal restrictions in mainland China, we only provide testing services for users in mainland China, and only accept samples from mainland China. For users in other countries and regions other than mainland China, if you wish to use our testing services, please refer to our website.

Once you send the oral swab sample to Circle DNA, the sample is not returnable. We have the right to reasonably handle the sample and provide the corresponding services.

Circle DNA provides interpretation of report. Each supported by a corresponding reference source. The current DNA interpretation report only represents a possibility and not a clinical diagnosis. The current interpretation is based solely on the sample collected for this time.

8. User Responsibilities

You confirm the information provided is true, immediate, valid and complete. We reserve the right to question and discontinue the provision of services provided that you provide misinformation within your knowledge.

If you violate the terms of this Agreement, we have the right to refuse to provide services to you, and you are also responsible for the efforts, expenses or any losses incurred.

You are obliged to keep your login details for this website confidential. If you intentionally disclose your account information and it causes losses to you or to us, we are not held accountable and we reserve the right to claim for compensation accordingly. We hold all intellectual property rights in the products, services, and any content related to the product, including website information, content design, report content, etc.

You may not reverse engineer our website or client, and may not copy, modify, compilate, integrate or tamper the above systems and programs (including but not limited to source programs, target programs, technical documents, client-to-server data, server data) or increase or decrease the functionality of our website or client.

9. Shipping & Returns

Except under special circumstances (including legal holidays), we will ship within 2 working days after you purchase the product. If you have special delivery requirements, please contact the WeChat public account or customer service for assistance.

You can apply for no reason to return within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product. If you apply for no reason to return, please contact the Circle DNA WeChat public account for assistance. If you apply for no reason to return, you must ensure that the original packaging of the collection kit is unopened. For return that is not related to quality issue, all costs related to the postage for returns will be borne by you.

10. Validity period for service

The service you purchase through the official channel of the Circle DNA is valid for 6 months from the date of receipt of the collector. Please complete the oral swab collection and return the sample within this timeframe. We reserve the right to refuse to provide testing services for samples that are returned after the expiry date.

11. Invoice

If you need to get an invoice for the service you purchased through the official channel of Circle DNA, you can fill in the invoice information on the order page. The invoice type is divided into VAT ordinary invoice (electronic invoice), and the invoice information can either be individual or a company.

A friendly reminder - starting from July 1, 2017, if the purchaser is a company, when requesting the VAT ordinary invoice, taxpayer identification number should be provided. Ineligible invoices cannot be used for tax returns. If you need a special VAT invoice (paper invoice), please contact customer service after payment.

12. Account Closure

We can terminate the service agreement with you under the following circumstances:

  • Termination as requested by laws and regulations.

  • You have violated the service agreement or related agreement;

  • The service items you have purchased are no longer available.

  • If you wish to close the Circle DNA due to personal reason, please apply through email with reasons. We will close the account after confirming with you. Please see website for email address.